Product Stewardship

Safety Datasheets

Gurit regulatory department has a number of documents available to aid the communication of hazard and regulatory information.

Safety Datasheets

A Safety DataSheet, or SDS, is a document produced to a specific legal standard in order to effectively communicate product hazard properties related to handling, storage, emergency procedures and transportation information. It allows risk assessments to be carried out at each point in the products lifecycle; transportation, usage and disposal. The SDS should always be available where the product is used or stored.

The requirements for an SDS vary from region to region but since the advent of the internationally agreed Globally Harmonised System (GHS) all documents follow the same 16 section format with the same hazard pictograms.

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Regulatory Datasheets

A Regulatory DataSheet (RDS) is an additional document produced by Gurit for the declaration and communication of regulatory information that may not always be included on the Safety Datasheet. Regulations covered in the RDS include RoHS, conflict minerals and global chemical inventory listings. For further information on these documents please contact your customer support representative.