Structural Core Materials

Structural Core Materials

Gurit is a technical leader in the development and manufacture of structural core materials. Cores in a sandwich construction are specified by designers and architects to increase stiffness and reduce the weight of a composite structure. Gurit has a range of core materials to fit any specification or manufacturing process.


PET Kerdyn® Green
Kerdyn® Green FR
Up to 100% recycled PET content
All-purpose foam
Suitable for all sandwich applications
Superior strength & stiffness:weight ratio
Outstanding chemical resistance
FR version available
Gurit® Kerdyn® Green
Gurit® Kerdyn® Green FR
BALSA Balsaflex™ Classic wood core
Available in typical densities and formats
Very high mechanical properties
Sustainably and responsibly sourced
Gurit® Balsaflex™
SAN Corecell™ M High performance foam, ideal for marine applications
High shear strength and low density
Compatible with prepreg processing
High elongation for toughness
Gurit® Corecell™ M
Corecell™ S Sub-sea buoyancy foam Gurit® Corecell™ S
Gurit® PVC All-purpose foam
Suitable for all sandwich applications
Superior strength & stiffness:weight ratio
Outstanding chemical resistance
Gurit® PVC
Gurit® PVC HT High temperature processing up to 140°C Gurit® PVC HT


Gurit standard product forms include Single Cut / Double Cut / Contour Scrim / Surface Grooves and Vacuum Infusion core as well as combinations of these formats. Gurit can also tailor sheets to your own specifications.

Core Finishing


Gurit has an extensive kitting capability to provide all the Gurit® Corecell™ formats in customised, numbered, ready to use, CNC machined kits. Gurit’s machining strategy for core is to develop a range of cutting techniques that provide a cost-effective and flexible kitting solution to satisfy customer requirements.

Core Kitting


The Company strongly recommends that Customers make test panels and conduct appropriate testing of any goods or materials supplied by the Company to ensure that they are suitable for the Customer’s planned application. Such testing should include testing under conditions as close as possible to those to which the final component may be subjected. The Company specifically excludes any warranty of fitness for purpose of the goods other than as set out in writing by the Company. The Company reserves the right to change specifications without notice and Customers should satisfy themselves that information relied on by the Customer is that which is currently published by the Company on its website. Any queries may be addressed to the Technical Department.