Mould Heating

The mould heating system used by Gurit is customised as per the size of the mould. Gurit offers two types of heating systems with an option of different types of controllers.


The wind blade mould is normally divided up to 450 zones depending upon the blade structure design. Each zone includes two temperature sensors, two overheating safety switches and one heating resistance.

Gurit Tooling offers the following two types of controllers for its mould heating system:

  • Integrated Heating System
  • PLC Heating System

The in-house developed software package provides full control and supervision over an Ethernet network. It is also available with integrated touch screen computer system to simplify the heating control system.



The patented liquid heating systems from Gurit are designed for further accuracy in the production cycle. Allowing for higher temperatures with a more uniform distribution, this design insures an even cure on all parts.

Advantages include easy maintenance when compared to electric heating, quick replacement equipment change-out, surface cooling, and ability to use prepreg materials.

An integrated touch screen computer system helps to simplify the heating control system.